A long time ago 2 or more Pumpkins occur everywhere in a view, you will be transported in the crypt.

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Where to play Pumpkin Smash?

Add to, you can be sure there bidding be a play for free account that you can try out at the outset before risking any of your actual cash. They come in different colours and make sure to pay awareness to the red skeleton lady, at the same time as this symbol is the most gratifying one in the game. The bigger is the pumpkin, the more prizes you will find inside. There are three kinds of rewards you capacity get from these pumpkins. Pumpkin Accident Play for Free Before you advantage playing the slot with real capital, which is undoubtedly more fun, aim out the free version right at this juncture on this site!

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Smashing the pumpkins is incredibly satisfying, although nowhere near as satisfying as the cavalcade of prizes that can appear your way. While the variety arrange offer in the game is not that high, the potential rewards so as to the game gives you far balance this. Trick or Treat The Pumpkin Smash video slot is a five reel game with 20 paylines of action for players. The sounds are authentic South American music floating athwart the background and they really add together to the atmosphere of the amusement. First, you can earn an direct prize that will immediately add coins to your balance. As we celebrated, the game is themed on Halloween, but more specifically, the artwork suggests a basis in Mexican traditions about the holiday of Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead. After that you get the chance to accident the pumpkins which give you distinctive prizes and the bigger the pumpkin, the more prizes you get! Air for the rewards in the pumpkins at the Mexican cemetery and allow fun playing Pumpkin Smash video slot! Pumpkin Smash Play for Free Ahead of you start playing the slot along with real money, which is undoubtedly add fun, try out the free account right here on this site!

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The features included in this game agreement a small amount of variety, although the potential prizes on offer accomplish up for that. If you achieve three or more bonus symbols, you might also gain access to a free spins game that can be paid you as many as 30 at no cost plays. Smash the Pumpkins to Achieve the Prize! As we noted, the game is themed on Halloween, although more specifically, the artwork suggests a basis in Mexican traditions around the holiday of Dia de los Muertos Day of the Dead. Once you launch free spins game, even 1 Pumpkin occurred on the screen bidding award you the prizes. Look designed for the prizes inside the pumpkins after that in the crypts and this account of Pumpkin Smash casino will advantage you to do it! Symbols After it comes to symbols, in accumulation to the four lower ones so as to occur in the shape of before a live audience card suits, there are four advanced symbols. But do not forget, the real adventure will begin later after you play the game with actual money. One of these is Pumpkin Smash by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the newest projects from this developer that has quickly become a favorite of many players.

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