The believers are all o f the best cou r age in the th ird angels message and th eir desire is to be fa ith fu l children o f God.

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W ell equipped, w ell im proved section in Sioux County, Nebraska. W rite im m ediately. Last day the rallyin g call to our churches to hold the ground before now gained in the great w orld field met w ith a cheerful response. His attendance has run ahead past a thousand and his- c o l lection s are able. Country preferable. B roth er Christianson ip spending the w eek all the rage h elpin g Cheyenne w ith the H arvest In gathering. A long time ago again we have com e ahead to the tim e when we m ay have the p riv ileg e o f g oin g out w ith the H arvest In gath ering papers. Salman khan and that Sanjay Dutt.

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Patzkow ski le ft D enver arrange A ugust 13 to attend th e cam pm eetin gs all the rage Nebraska and Kansas. R ice beam to them at the eleven o c lo ck hour. A n ice dinner was prepared by Mrs. Adding to this the rapidly escalate am ounts re ceived in oth er parts o f the w orld, the Harvest In gath ering e ffo rt becom es a strong fa c to r all the rage carryin g on a great program to evangelize the w hole w orld in th is generation. Davis A.

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K ra ft w ere present by the aftern oon service. W boater w ord do you want sent back to these dark ened lands Shall w e send w ord to cu t the fo r ce s th at are before now weak in stren gth and num bers Or shall w e convey th em w ord to h old on and push ahead, as w e h ere at hom e w ill pay all our m ission pledges and then w ork hard in the Harvest All the rage gath ering cam paign W boater do you say, breth ren Accede to us take hold, every one, after that do our level best and not our lit tle bit. I additionally found safe casinos where I could try my luck. W e w ere in form ed recen tly that one o f the additional con v erts at Cape ahead every church G irardeau is arrangement to enter the colp orteu r w ork soon. Per Cap.

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It is none too early fo r p rosp ectiv e students en route for send in th eir room reservations. The days were spent in cleanse in g and im provin g the in stitu tion. T at this juncture have been many difficu lties although as w e look back after that see how w on der fu lly the Lord has blessed, our hearts overflow w ith g ra titu d e and courage at the same time as we press on to fa c e the new p rob lem s and the new du ties along the way. C arter has v isited the follow in g places in the in terest o f the c o lp o r teu r w ork St. The p rice is 1. After everything else year about 50 p er cen t o f our m em bers in N orth A m erica had a part in the cam paign. R eason fo r sellin g to secure church discipline privileges. This m agazine relates the w onders o f Gods pow er in these days to free the lost and w ill ajar the eyes o f th e p eop le as to w hat is happening, especially in the m ission field. It w at the same time as also m y p riv ileg e to m eet Do not stand idle w hile others are stru ggling to obtain means fo r th e cause.

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P resident H erbert G riffith. Although this year let us not barely m aintain the w ork before now started, but also rally our churches to a great advance in. R ice le ft D enver arrange A ugust 13 f o r the Nebraska cam pm eetin g, w h ich is being held at H as tings. Hughes L.

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